My Take on the Kalel Cullen Contraversy

Hey Smoshers! If you’ve read the title, you probably already know I’m gonna rant, haha! Yes, for a little while I will rant, because I want to say something about the whole “KalelCullen” thing. Some of us have heard enough complaining about her. Including me. It’s getting crazy! People have been commenting on her YouTube videos, calling her stupid names and telling her she’s ugly. She actually made a video talking about them. Even an extremely long note on her Facebook page. It’s out of control.
Evidently she’s making a boyfriend tag this month, and a bunch of twitter Smoshers are talking about it. We all know she’s talking about Anthony Padilla, because of course it’s kind of obvious who her boyfriend is. Anyway, the whole Kalel Cullen thing has been the talk of some Smoshers today, and we kind of had a “belieber fight.” Yes, I called it a “belieber fight.” Us Smoshers are just like those crazy bieber fans. Some of them hate Selena/Kalel, and some of them don’t. I respect Kalel for her honesty, even if she did delete some of her old YouTube videos. I’d probably delete the two I have on YouTube if I ever decided to do something different on my account, too. Either that or just create a new account. However, I’m sure Kalel had some friends or subscribers that wanted to stay with her account. So she kept it. It’s her decision anyway, it shouldn’t be a big deal to everyone if she deletes a few videos. I know, I’m making a big deal of it, but I just need to clarify some things. I have know idea if Kalel actually DID drop out of school. I think it’s normal for her to have a different name than her real one for her YouTube account name. She even said that wasn’t her real name, it’s not like she is saying “oh yeah, that’s my real name” or something like that. Haha, okay, I’m almost done. Kalel may have a slightly annoying voice to me, but she is not a bad person or a “liar.” The reason I put ” marks around liar is because everyone has lied. No matter how much you might deny every lying about something at least somewhat big, you have done it. Don’t deny it. I will admit I have lied, many times. Don’t worry, I don’t lie to you guys. Just please stop telling me Kalel is a liar and that you hate her if you don’t want to hear me support her. If you don’t like this post, I really couldn’t care less. This is just how I feel about the whole thing, and if you have a problem with it, tell me. I won’t complain. I enjoy hearing feedback, good or bad.
So that’s it. Here’s the fun fact of the day: In b.o.b.’s new mixtape, he mentions Hayley Williams from Paramore, who was featured in both Airplanes songs. I believe he says “Where are you hayley,” or “I would really like to have hayley with me right now” or something, I don’t remember, oops! πŸ˜›
Okay, that’s all for today folks! Peace out Smoshers! πŸ™‚

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4 responses to “My Take on the Kalel Cullen Contraversy

  1. umm,well i’m just mad for smosh-from the first video i just started to LOVE THEM and i’ll never stop love them..but the thing is,anthony is so cute and i’m just a bit “jealous” since i know he has a girlfriend…but that doesn’t mean i also have to hate her too.besides i don’t know her in real life so she hasn’t do something mean to me so i should hate her.oh and chucklovessmosh:i just agree COMPLETELY with your comment.

    • oops,i made a mistake on my first comment:i wanted to write:”…-from the first smosh video i saw(fututre sucks) i just started to LOVE THEM…”-NOT “…-from the first video i just started to LOVE THEM…”

      • future sucks-not fututre sucks…oh,god too many mistakes in so little time… 😦
        oh,and sorry if my english weren’t too good

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